Swapface Will Make You Laugh Like Never Before

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Snapchat has a new lens. Remember those lenses Snapchat added a while back? They let you throw up rainbows, kill flies with your tongue, make yourself look like an alien, etc… Well the new one, dubbed Swapface, will make you laugh… a lot.

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Swapface does exactly what it says: take a selfie with another person, or your dog or cat.. and the lens will swap your faces. Simple. And the results are… priceless.

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Face-swaps have made the Internet laugh for a long time already (like that famous Angelina/Brad swap above). But Snapchat does it better, because like with every other lens, it follows you movement and brings life to those scary swapped faces.


Swapface, like other lenses, is accessible to everyone with a long press on your face while using the selfie cam.

Of course, some people are finding it a little freaky…


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