Stop Pinning, Pinterest Now Wants You To Save

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Pinterest has always been about saving the things we like to our Pin boards. But starting today, the company is moving away from the “Pin it” button we all know and love, replacing it with a simpler, and perhaps more meaningful, “Save” button.

It might seem like a small, insignificant and maybe unnecessary change, but a recent test conducted by Pinterest showed that people across the web were 10% more likely to hit a “Save” button than its own “Pin it”. One of the main reasons being that “pinning” ideas did not seem to resonate as much outside the US.

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It wasn’t an easy decision still, as Pinterest had so far built its awareness around the “Pin it” button. But in the end, the platform needs users, and if a “Save” button was what it took to make more people want to it, then it came down to a simple business decision:

In spite of the impressive numbers, we still really struggled with the decision to make the change. We have a lot of love for our Pin It button, which has served us well for so long. But the most important thing is for Pinterest to feel welcoming to everyone, and that’s why ultimately we went with the more understandable Save.

It’s Now Also Easier To Find More Content To Save

Pinterest has also improved the Pins themselves. From now on, when you click on “Save” you will also see all the boards where other users have saved that Pin. That way, it becomes easier to explore more boards and discover more users.


I can see how both the “Save” button and the new ways to discover more content will be beneficial for Pinterest. Now, the question is more about how the “Save” button will compare to other similar services outside of Pinterest, out on the big world wide web.

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