Stolen on iOS Lets You Buy Any Twitter Account

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Have you ever wanted to buy a Twitter account? Well, not any old Twitter Account. Your favourite one… Well, now you can. Virtually. In a game called Stolen. Interested?

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Stolen is based on the idea that you’ve wanted to own a specific Twitter account, but we all know that’s not happening. But now, you can buy that account – just not IRL. A company called Hey Inc created the game so that users can but Twitter accounts, and just like with trading cards, they can collect them.

So, how does one buy a Twitter account? Well, the game begins with a certain amount of free in-game currency that users can increase as they play. To monetise the whole thing, Hey Inc has made it possible for users to use real money to buy virtual currency. So, if you’re really bad at the game, I guess you can subsidise your efforts.

Naturally, no real money is changing hands, and you don’t get access to the accounts that you buy. You just collect them – and trade them. Virtually. That’s about it!

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All Twitter accounts are up for grabs in Stolen, but users can remove their own accounts from the game by opting out. The only way to do this is to connect their account to the game and opt out. The game is currently in closed beta on iOS, so chances are the people who want to opt out won’t get there in time.

Also, when someone “owns” a Twitter account in the game, they can name the account with a nickname. Now, that nickname follows the account around in the game… and might not be that great for the rightful owner. The company behind Stolen, is however looking to work around this issue. For now, offensive nicknames will be banned.

Wanna try it?

UPDATE: The app was actually shut down by its creators late last night…

Many users did take onto Twitter to express their support but the decision was made.

Do you think Stolen was really a concern?

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