Rock On Facebook Messenger With The New Spotify Integration

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Facebook Messenger has quickly become the “does-it-all” messaging app. You can share images, you can share your location, even order an Uber. But by now,  you are probably mostly using the app to send GIFs, because let’s face it… GIFs are cool.

Well that might be about to change, as Spotify is now fully integrated with Messenger. And that means you can send tunes to your friends.

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To send Spotify tunes to your friends, tap on the ellipsis icon (that’s the icon made out of 3 dots). That will bring up the list of all integrations. Scroll down (I cannot wait until the day Facebook finally adds a search box here) and select Spotify.

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And that’s it… Now you can send music to your friends, including the cover of the album. If you have good music taste, your friends will love you for this. If not, well then, you will need new friends.


Seriously now, this is a really cool new integration from Facebook Messenger and it shows how much Facebook counts on its messaging app to become the market leader.

Unfortunately, this works only on mobile. On desktop, you will only share the album cover, which is much less fun.

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