Peach Is The New Coolest Social Networking App

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There is a new social networking app. It’s more a social messaging app to be honest. Peach, “a fun, simple way to keep up with friends and be yourself,” is the new app everyone is talking about.

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Peach is a new app, but its founder isn’t new to the scene. Dom Hoffmann already known success, as one to the co-founder of Vine.

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Why Do We Need Yet Another Messaging App?

Well, to start with, you need it because it’s cool and because it’s new. But on top of that, the app comes with a bunch of interesting features and reasons why you need to start using it now. To name only a few:

  • 1. The app works with ‘magic words’ like ‘gif’ or ‘shout’ or ‘here’ which will add your current location to your message, or even ‘song’ which will let the app recognise what you are listening to and share a link to the track in Spotify or Apple Music.



  • 2. Peach has its own version of the Facebook poke, expect it is much more friendly. On Peach you can wave, blow a kiss, quarantine and even put a ring on a friend. And each of these actions comes with a corresponding Emoji.

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  • 3. Peach is already used by many celebrities, including Taylor Swift, The Rock and Tim Cook.

Peach is only available for iOS right now, but an Android version should follow very soon.

Give Peach a go on your iPhone now.

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