One Minute On The Internet In 2016

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One minute, 60 seconds… it doesn’t seem like much. But in terms of “big data” one minute is a very long time, as we consume more and more online content every day.

This infographic designed by Excelacom, shows just how much data is generated every minute, combining the latest statistics from 2016. The results are mind blowing! Check out a selection of amazing stats:

  • – 2.4 million searches are generated on Google every minute
  • – 20.8 million messages are sent on WhatsApp
  • – 69,444 hours of video are watched on Netflix
  • – 700,000 people login on Facebook
  • – Over $200,000 worth of sales are made on Amazon

And despite the rise of social media, 150 million emails are still sent every minute in 2016. Impressive.

I also found it very interesting to see that “newer” social media platforms, like Snapchat or Tinder, were already amongst the biggest data generators.

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Now check out the complete infographic from Excelacom. Which number impresses you the most?


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