Now YouTube Lets You Blur Moving Objects In Videos

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YouTube is rolling out a custom blurring tool that lets you blur out any object or faces in your videos. The concept isn’t completely new – YouTube has been offering a face-blurring tool since 2012, but today’s update allows you to blur any section of the video. More importantly, it works on moving objects too.

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There are many reasons why you may want to blur a face or an object in your video: maybe it is a license plate you want to hide, or other objects that you do not want to be identified (i.e prototypes being tested), or disturbing images.

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Whatever it is, all you have to do is draw a box around the object you want to blur out, and you can resize the area if you need to. The blurred zone will follow any animated objects identified, but you can also opt to lock it in place for stationary objects.


Another good thing is that once you’re done, your edited video can be saved along with an original version. This can be very handy for age-sensitive information, for example.

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YouTube isn’t coming forward with any specific reason as to why it came up with the tool, but we imagine this is not only to hide sensitive imagery from your videos, but also to be able to do without heavy editing or the need to re-shoot a scene.

In any case… Thank you YouTube!

This update is already available on the desktop version of YouTube and should be available on the mobile app very soon too.

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