Now You Can Swipe Left On Vine Too

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There is a new way to discover awesome content on Vine! Back in October, Vine introduced the first version of its content suggestion engine. The objective was clearly to help users find more Vines they may like. Now, Vine is focusing on making this recommended content more accessible for everyone and what could better do this than a good old “swipe”?

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We had not heard much from Vine lately. Nothing new on the platform really, since October at least when it had its first try at suggesting more relevant content to users. That was an important move though, because finding more Vines is at the heart of user experience, and let’s be honest, before then, it was really hard to find more good content on the platform.

And today, Vine made it very easy to “swipe” through suggested videos:


Unfortunately, this is only available to iPhone users at the moment but it will no doubt be coming to the Android app soon.

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Vine also launched its Apple Watch app today. It comes with two feeds: Favourites and Featured.

“Favourites” regroups vines from creators you have previously selected as Favourites. Whereas “Featured” will bring up Vines that have been “selected for you across channels like Comedy, Music and Sports.”


Personally, I am not convinced why someone would want to watch Vines from the tiny screen of their Apple Watch. But I suppose it’s a “good to have” thing, just in case….

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