Now You Can Buy Snapchat Lenses To Spruce Up Your Snaps!

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I don’t really like Snapchat and don’t really see the point in it, but many many people think it’s totally awesome. So awesome, that they’re actually willing to pay for lenses. Snapchat itself gives you free ones, but not you can actually buy your own for $0.99 a piece.

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A few months ago we reported that Snapchat was launching Lenses – essentially “filters” for your Snapchat selfies (or not selfies). Snapchat explains that they are “real-time special effects and sounds”. Anyway, up until now, you could choose from a variety of free lenses that are available each day. If you wanted to use one that wasn’t available again, there was no way to do so. So, Snapchat launched a Lens store for you to find exciting lenses to buy and keep – for 0.99$ each.

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To use the new Lenses in Snapchat, after swiping left past the free ones you get to the Lens Store section and pick the one you want. Then you have to pay for it. The bought lenses will be available in only a few countries – the UK, UK, Australia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, the United States and a handful of other countries for the time being.

Oh look! A funny Lens with a guy vomiting a rainbow!


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