In New Zealand, Even Death Has Its Own Instagram Account

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Instagram is the place to check on the latest creative or fashion trends. Now it’s also where the “Swim Reaper” will teach you how to stay safe on the beach.

Yes, you can now follow “Death” on Instagram. Don’t freak out though – it’s for a good cause. As the summer begins in New Zealand, The Swim Reaper arrives to remind you that accidents still happen all too often on the beach.

This very creative and audacious campaign was launched by the Water Safety organisation of New Zealand. Every year, over 105 people die from drowning, and most accidents could easily be avoided with common sense – and a few simple preventive steps. These steps are narrated in images by the Swim Reaper himself, in an innovative – yet creepy (and also funny) – storyline.

ACC Sports Injury Prevention Manager Isaac Carlson says ACC supports the work Water Safety New Zealand is doing to encourage kiwis to make better decisions around water: “Each year over 100 people drown in New Zealand. It’s a shocking statistic considering most drownings are preventable. We hope a hard-hitting campaign like this will encourage people to make safer decisions while they’re at our beaches rivers and lakes. We hope the Swim Reaper will take on a life of its own and really connect with young people.”

Watch the video below and follow The Swim Reaper on Instagram:

#tbt reapin’ the waterfalls with my trusty steed #giddyup #mypony #squadgoals⠀

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