More Than 1 Million Users Are Now Accessing Facebook Anonymously

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Going on Facebook generally means giving up a good chunk of your privacy. This doesn’t apply for some people who are accessing the platform via Tor. In fact, over 1 million users are now using the Tor browser to access Facebook.

Tor (a.k.a The Onion Router) is an online browser technology that encrypts and randomly routes Internet connections via a worldwide network of volunteer relays, thereby making it almost impossible for individual connections to be traced. Tor is the number one platform to gain access to what is called “The Dark Web.”

Facebook gave access to its platform via an onion address back in October 2014. The company also expanded its Tor support at the beginning of 2016 when it gave Android users an easier way to access its platform via Tor.

In a statement, Facebook explained that the growth of Tor users has been steady over the past 2 years to reach above 1 million MAUs this month.

This [Tor] growth is a reflection of the choices that people make to use Facebook over Tor, and the value that it provides them. We hope they will continue to provide feedback and help us keep improving.

Of course, this number is to put into perspective with the 1.6 billion people who access the platform every month overall.

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