Likes Lead To More Interactions Than Favs On Twitter

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Just last week, Twitter decided to kill the “favourite” button on the platform, and replace it with something instantly recognisable: a heart-shaped “like” button. Now that the first shock has passed, Twitter is sharing the first results after the big change that had everyone up in arms.

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For those of you still weeping for the loss of the fave “star”, we have some encouraging news to share. According to Kevin Weil, Twitter’s SVP of product, since the introduction of the “like” heart, Twitter has seen a 6 percent increase in interactions from existing users.

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And while this number seems to be low, when we compare it to the total number of active users on the platform, we understand that is definitely not negligible. The thing is that it is just a rough first impression and not enough research has been carried out; once the dust of change has settled we will be able to see whether the momentum is still there.

On the other hand, many users agree that a heart-shaped like is far more relatable and a lot easier to comprehend, than the favourite button was. It has a global appeal. And it also makes sense: we can like a lot of things, but we only have a few favourites.

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