Even More Insights For Admins On Facebook Pages

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When you’re a Social Media Marketer, you know that the greater the detail on your tracking tools, the better results you’ll get in your advertising efforts.

Good news, because Facebook has heard your requests and is rolling out new features that offer even more granularity on Page Insights. With the latest update, Facebook wants to give more visibility to what makes ads work – and provide even more info on the way people interact with Pages.

The first set of updates introduces two new metrics on ad reporting: Landing Page Views and Pre-Impression Activity Breakdown. Landing Page Views is pretty self-explanatory, and will show businesses the importance of having a mobile-optimised landing page. For most click-through ads, the objective is for users to click, and then land on a specific page. With the new metric, Facebook will hopefully guide business into designing for conversions even more effectively.

Pre-Impression Activity Breakdown, explores whether a users who interacts with an ad is a new visitor, or an existing one. This specific metric can turn out to be very helpful, especially for business that employ dynamic product ads for their marketing efforts.

The next set of updates focuses on Page Insights, and offers more metrics for Page admins. From now on, Page Insights will not only l show you the number of Likes, but also the number of Follows a page you manage currently has.

Moreover, it will also offer info on the Previews that your page has achieved so far. Previews consist of the number people who saw your Page’s information when hovering over your Page’s name on desktop.

Last but not least Facebook, will also surface information on Recommendations – the number of times a Page has been included under someone’s recommendation, as a suggestion from friends and family.

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You can read all about the new updates here.

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