This Guy ‘Broke’ eBay With A Commercial To Sell His Girlfriend’s Old Car

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141,095 Miles… Starting at $499… Luxury is a state of mind. With that tagline and a beautifully shot video, Max Lanman got 4 million views on YouTube, and almost sold his girl friend’s old car for over $150,000.

When most people want to sell their 20-year-old car, they usually put an ad in a local newspaper or put it on eBay. That is exactly what Max Lanman’s girlfriend did. Except that Lanman happens to be a renowned writer and director.

Max Lanman, based out of Los Angeles, told his girlfriend he would help her sell her car by shooting a video commercial for it. He thought it would help get some attention, and quickly sell the car. And so it did! His video captured so much attention, that in 5 days after publication, it is close to getting 4 million views on YouTube! The car – which was also advertised on eBay for a starting price of just $499 – was almost sold for $150,000. That was before eBay pulled the ad thinking it was a fraud.

And you cannot really blame the eBay employee who made the decision to do so: a 1996 Honda Accord with a mileage over 140,000, going for $150,000? Per eBay’s request, the auction was restarted at its original price of $499. It is currently auctioned (here) for $4,300… Will you bid for it? After all, “luxury is a state of mind.”

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