Google+ Shared Circles Are Over

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Back in the old days, Google+ was proud of its circles functionality, which allowed users to create lists of people and pages and share content only to those who really mattered. Today, Google+ is deprecating a feature in its Circles scheme.

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More specifically, the social network decided to discontinue its shared circles feature. During the past few weeks, we have witnessed a series of major improvements and repurposes performed by Google+. It’s not clear yet if there are more to come, but something tells us that this is just the beginning in a long list of changes.

According to VentureBeat, although this latest change is not a crucial one, it doesn’t mean that this feature won’t be missed. In fact, many members were using it as a way to expand their network. Shared circles  were working in a way similar to Twitter lists. Users could share their circles with other users and encourage them to follow the respective members. 

According to the the same report, this feature became deprecated the same time Collections were launched, as Google+ team decided that it was time to simplify the UI. This modification is another attempt to keep the social network alive, after the announcement of splitting in Photos and Streams earlier this year.

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