God Has Left Twitter

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The Twitter account @TheTweetOfGod first appeared around 5 years ago. Ten thousand tweets and 2.3 million followers later, David Javerbaum, the man behind the handle, is pulling the plug.

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Javerbaum revealed he was the man behind @TheTweetOfGod, but it never was about religion. The comedy author and writer always kept a clear line between what he was doing on Twitter, and any religious connection. Some appreciated it, and some did not, but that’s the way with everything online.

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But just the other week, God went offline. Javerbaum pointed to several reasons for taking the decision to “cut the cord” with his more than 2.3 million followers. None of these were because of religion, he simply claimed the account had been “taking up too much of his time and energy and mental agility…”

But the real trigger was that God got hacked. I mean, the twitter account was hacked. And that was it. David who only had good intentions, did not want his 5-year long stunt to be remembered for anything else than his good humour. Maybe that also was the reason why God only ever followed on person: Justin Bieber…

I think we should celebrate what has been one of the longest-lasting comedy accounts on Twitter. And what better way to do so than to look back on some of its best content?

Now, for those of you who will miss David’s – a.k.a. God – on Twitter, I recommend you follow @TweetOfMrsGod, although it seems she may have decided to walk away with her husband…

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