Get Ready For Facebook And Twitter TV

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A few years back, we were talking about second screens and TV shows, but now – especially after the Netflix tidal wave – we’ve entered the social streaming era, where first and second screens don’t really matter, but availability over multiple devices and exclusive content are the key to success.

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True to that last statement, it has been brought to our attention that both Facebook and Twitter are looking to acquire rights to stream content on their platforms. According to NY Post, both platforms have been in touch with broadcasters, in order to secure all the required licenses.

This move makes total sense, as we are now living the era of live streaming. With the launch of Facebook Live and the existing Periscope/Twitter integration, social networks are working with content creators to provide their users with exclusive content. The benefits are obvious for both sides involved; virality, platform usage increase, engagement and revenue. 

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For the latter though, there are still some grey zones, as the only one appearing to be making steady profits is YouTube. Both Facebook and Twitter have not yet disclosed the ways with which they help content creators make money from their videos, although last week reports surfaced claiming that Facebook will be paying celebrities to use its Live feature.

In any case, we will soon be seeing more and more streaming content, on both social networks. According to the same source, Facebook is already pitching the NFL to acquire rights to a new Thursday Night Football digital package. 

Although Twitter’s plans remain more blurry for the time being, it should be considered a given that the social network will take advantage of its status as the most popular second screen during big TV shows, and will go after forging more deals with TV networks for streaming content.

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