Facebook Will Let You Ignore Live Videos

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When Facebook first announced Live, we were curious. When it finally rolled out to everyone a few weeks ago, we were a bit excited! But some days later, we all came to realise that we were suddenly receiving dozens of notifications every day, just telling us that so and so was going live on Facebook etc. Annoying. But worry not, Facebook has a plan.

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Live video is awesome, right? It is indeed a great addition to the Facebook experience. But until now, we would all be notified every time a friend, or a verified Page we follow was going Live… and that, can quickly become annoying.


So very soon, people have been requesting the obvious: how do we turn Facebook Live notifications off?

Well, Facebook seems to have felt our pain, and the company will be adding an option allowing users to block all Live video notifications. Victory!

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The new option will be rolling out over the course of the next few weeks. In the meantime, you can still click on individual Live video posts to unsubscribe from future notifications from that specific user.

Of course brands (and politicians..) will not appreciate the new feature. One consolation, though, is that Facebook will keep on giving priority to Live videos on the Newsfeed.

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