Facebook Wants To “Inspire” Our Updates, And We’re Not Impressed!

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Let’s face it, on social media, we are all in it to impress. Whether it is the most awesome GIF, the latest viral video, a link to a surprisingly exciting website or even a shocking status update, we always seek attention. Right?

So we’re always looking for inspiration. But I don’t remember when was the last time we asked for help, not from Facebook anyway.

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And that is exactly what Facebook is trying to do: give us “inspiration.”

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In a recent feature test, spotted by SocialTimes, some users have been seeing “suggested topics” appear in their status update boxes, both on personal profiles and brand pages.



SocialTimes also report that Facebook could also be tracking our commenting activity to recommend the appropriate topic for our next status update. This user, for example, has probably been commenting on basketball games during the NBA finals:


If you like our stories, there is an easy way to stay updated:

I think this is a poor move. Social media, and Facebook as its biggest platform, should always be about expressing ourselves, with all our originality and our differences. Concerning brand pages updates, have we not seen enough hashtag dumping yet?

So please Facebook, you’ve played, you’ve tested, now it’s time to ditch it. We’ll get our own inspiration, thank you.

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