Facebook Wants Your Help To Fight “Scammy” Advertising

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Facebook is testing a new tool to fight “scammy” advertising on its platform. And for this, it needs your help.

It has happened to all of us: we buy something online, only to find out that the product we received is nothing like what was advertised. Well, Facebook wants to rid itself from scam ads, and is now deploying a tool to let us give feedback on purchases we have made through its platform.

The tool appears underneath ads on Facebook and asks “if you made a purchase, how did it go?” Users are then asked to rate their experience between “well” or “poorly.”


Last April, a BuzzFeed News investigation revealed a network of China-based fashion sites using Facebook to acquire customers, and sell poor quality products to them – often using images stolen from high-end fashion brands to deceive consumers.

The new tool is one way of taking care of these scammy advertisers. A Facebook spokesperson explained that

This test survey is one of the tools we’re employing to garner feedback from people on those kinds of purchases. Making ads better for both people and businesses is our consistent goal and we’ll continue to work on improving ads that drive commerce.

It’s unclear how many people have been invited to participate in this test, or if Facebook will ever communicate on the results. It clearly shows that the company understands that this issue is a concern for all of its users.

Have you been asked to rate your experience on Facebook? Tell us about it.

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