Facebook Updates Profiles with Major Creative Changes

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Facebook is about to make the biggest changes to user profiles in a very long time, with five major updates that will mainly affect our profiles on mobile devices. One of these, 7-second looping video or a GIF as a profile image is bound to steal all the thunder.

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So, what are all the changes?

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1. 7-Second Looping Video As A Profile Pic

Facebook has to find a way for its users to “spruce up” their profiles. People want to be creative with their profile artwork, and Facebook wants to let them. That’s why it will soon be allowing users to upload their own 7-second video as a profile pic. The video will loop and auto-play with sound if clicked. If it isn’t clicked, it will still autoplay and loop without sound. Every time you change your profile pic a post is created. That too will feature the looping video.

Your profile image above posts will be static though. It has also been mentioned that Facebook will probably allow users to upload GIFs as profile images as well. We will see when the feature officially launches worldwide.



2. Pin Featured Photos To A Profile

Think Tinder moments. Soon you will be given the option to pin five Featured Photos to your profile. They will appear in their own section above your profile and are meant to help others recognize you more easily from a few more pictures, rather than the one usual profile image. They can be used if you can’t quite decide on what profile pic to use, but they can also play the role of an identifier for those who have just met you or knew you 20 years ago.

At the very least, giving people more of a hint, will help them not send a friend request to the wrong person. They could just help you do something creative with your profile.


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3. Use Temporary Profile Pics

This feature was already being tested recently. It’s scheduled for general rollout very soon, and it allows you to use a specific profile pic for a certain time-period. With all the causes that people are supporting on Facebook recently, this feature is meant to help users automatically change their profile images from time to time. Remember the pride rainbows on users’ profile pics a while back? There’s one cause. Or it could just allow people to change their profile image for the holidays!


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4. Mobile-Centric Design

Most Facebook users go on the platform from their mobile devices, and a large majority of users view other users’ profiles from their mobile device. Facebook is now making this a better experience, concentrating on what really matters to people on the platform. The profile image will be centred and the Photos and Friends sections get a more prominent position and size, perfect for mobile viewing.

5. Easier Controls For The About Section, Including A New Bio Section

Last but not least, a feature that helps people say a lot more about themselves. Facebook will be adding the ability for users to control the privacy of the About section of their profiles. If it’s “public”, others will see it at the top of a profile in a very obvious place – not somewhere in a user’s profile. Users will be given a Bio section to describe themselves in 100 characters. Great way to promote yourself!

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