Facebook Pages Can Now Post In Groups They Admin

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Facebook is now allowing some Pages to link to, and post to groups they admin, to bolster community-building.

Facebook Groups have seen many great updates in the last 12 months. And today, over a billion users actively participate in Groups on on the social network.

But you are still wondering if, or why you should start a Facebook Group. You have always seen the significant benefits of it: better conversation between your followers, improved customer support, and stronger advocacy. But you already have a Page, and you’re confused as to why, or how, you should maintain both. And you’re also worried that it would divide your audience, and weaken your engagement rate.

Well, this update is the one you have been waiting for. According to Michael Brandvold, Facebook is testing a way for Pages to link to Groups they admin. It also allows for Pages to post in those Groups for the first time.


“Facebook Groups let people connect with your Page and each other. Now you can interact with Groups as your Page, and your Page can be an admin of these groups.”

Until now, only personal profiles could join and post in Groups. And this was the top reason why many businesses were reluctant to use them: no clear branding.

That’s not all, though. To bolster community-building, the update will also let Pages directly link to Groups they manage. This way, your Groups could be featured on the Page they are managed by, adding leverage to build a stronger community.

At WeRSM (are you following us on Facebook?), we have been thinking about the benefits of starting a group of people who are passionate about social media – We’d like for the conversation to grow past the limits of a comment thread on our Page. This is surely the feature we have been waiting for.

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