Facebook NewsFeed – How We Feel About the New Layout

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It made the buzz when the info came out, but because it has taken so much time to roll out, people have almost forgotten about it. Well, today, one of our contributor (finally) got the new “newsfeed” layout on Facebook.

First impressions are good. Indeed, like Facebook claims, the new layout offers a much clearer view, less cluter, more stories. The design is neat, the menu is even neater. And most of all, this layout shares the same details than the mobile and ipad apps for Facebook, which will result in a much more satisfying global experience.

The new design also comes up with some changes that users will have to take into account, and especially page owners… the main one being the new photo size. Images will now be displayed over a 550×403 pixels display window. And when you know that almost 8 out of 10 fans never visits your page’s timeline but rather sees your post from his newsfeed, that should become an issue worth considering, no? Well not exactly yet, because my own experience shows that at this point on 3% of my friends have the new layout…. the rest still sees most pictures as 403×403 pixels.

Conclusion: We love the new layout and we can’t wait for it to roll out to all users so we can start using it! If you want more info about the new newsfeed layout, check out the below related stories.

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