Facebook Messenger Launches A New Powerful Native Camera

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Facebook Messenger has launched a new powerful native camera that is easier to use and includes “art and special effects” to make your conversations a lot better!

Facebook has been constantly updating Messenger for the last year, and it is fast becoming a powerful tool for ordinary users, companies and brands alike. The new native camera is fast and offers a range of “Unique Art and 3D Special Effects” allowing anyone to really get creative with their messaging on the app.

Product Manager, Peter Martinazzi, announcing the new camera, explained that the new camera which is “rolling out globally over the coming days,” offers a new experience in Messenger, and reflects better the way in which people communicate nowadays. Martinazzi explains that,

the way people are messaging is becoming much more visual. In fact, over 2.5 billion emojis, photos, stickers and videos are sent every day on Messenger. In some ways the camera is now replacing the keyboard.

newsroom-1What’s In The New Camera? 

Facebook wants the Messenger camera to be a powerful tool that sits “just behind your inbox,” always a tap away. So, the shutter button now appears in the centre of your screen. Whether you’re in the middle of a conversation, or you’ve just opened the app, the camera is right there. A tap takes a picture – a long press records a video.


The new camera brings with it 3D masks and special effects that allow users to “turn [their] world into a work of art.” For example, you can take a selfie and “transform into a reindeer or play with falling snow.” Also, there are thousands of stickers, masks, frames, effects, that will allow you to customise your messages fully.

Facebook says it has “worked with artists and influencers all over the world” who have “added their own touch to the customisation tools.


Finally, Messenger also has a new place to make text messages more fun. By using the palette icon next to the shutter, you are taken to a blank page to add art, and stickers to your text.

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