Facebook Messenger Is About To Become A Lot More Intelligent

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Facebook currently owns two of the biggest messaging platforms; WhatsApp and Messenger. While the former seems to accumulate a huge user base, the latter seems to be Facebook’s test lab where new and exciting technologies appear every other week or so.

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In fact, “rumour has it” that Facebook is adding facial recognition to Messenger. According to Re/Code, technology that was introduced earlier in the summer, is now ready to become an indispensable part of your every day communications. This development will allegedly help users see pictures of their friends and share pictures with their friends more regularly.

The feature is now under soft launch in Australia, but is expected to roll out more widely in the upcoming weeks. It’s not the first time facial recognition becomes a crucial part of a Facebook product’s functionality. Moments use the same component, for exactly the same reasons, which only leads us to assume that an upcoming integration of Moments and Messenger is inevitable.

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Moreover, it looks like there could be some more interesting developments for Facebook Messenger. With voice recognition features, as well as its personal assistant M, it only seems plausible that the social network wants to create a platform to replace your smartphone’s functionalities. Talking of which, we can’t help but wonder… is Facebook going to be the next iOS or Android? Any thoughts?

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