Facebook Messenger Finally Makes It Easy To Use Emoji

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No one really needs to be reminded how important Emojis have become in our every day messaging conversations, right? We even use them when speaking with businesses nowadays, in fact, they too use them when speaking to us: remember that infamous McDonald’s Emoji Billboard campaign?

And Facebook Messenger being one of the most used messaging services across the world, you would think Emojis were kind of a big deal on the app, no?

Well surprisingly, they were not, not for Facebook anyway. Yes, Emojis were supported but you needed a third party keyboard to use them – that or know by heart the ASCII code for them (#notgonnahappen).

Until this moment, because Messenger has finally built in Emoji support! It’s rolling our worldwide to all users and you will now you have it when you will see the below welcome screen:


It’s easy do switch between text and Emoji too. One tap of a button in fact: when you are using text, tap on the Emoji icon right below on the left. When you’re using Emoji, tap on the text button (Aa) to switch back.

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Now, no more excuses for long dull text messages!

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