Facebook Makes 360 Video Better With Stabilisation

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As video is already dominating the world of visual content, Facebook has released an update that will help video content creators – and especially those involved in 360 video production – get better results from their smartphone camera.

Facebook debuted a hybrid stabilisation feature that helps make your videos less shaky and smoother. The specifications are still not known in their entirety, but Facebook has stated that it is using 2D and 3D techniques in its algorithm, to ensure better quality for 360 videos.

More information regarding this revolutionary approach has been made public by Johannes Kopf, Research Scientist at Facebook, in a dedicated blog post. All those who are interested, can also learn more about a new “deformed-rotation” motion model that Facebook designed specifically for 360 video.

Both deformed rotation and the 2D-3D techniques are said to improve efficiency, with a 10 percent to 20 percent reduction in bitrates for the same video quality. Moreover, Facebook claims it can stabilize 360 video in less than 22 milliseconds per frame on a standard machine.

With 250,000 360 videos uploaded to the social network since September, Facebook is prepping for bigger and better things to come in the field of immersive video. It is expected that all those changes will also be made available on Oculus.

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