Facebook Launches “Verified Pages” and “Verified Profiles”

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Since its launch, Facebook had never made a move for to verify the authenticity of pages or profiles. Well it is now done. Following the approach taken by Twitter back in June 2008, Facebook is now launching “verified” pages and profiles.

The blue icon which differentiates a verified pages or profile appears on the page iteself, in search results and in all lists available throughout Facebook:

The verification systems applies to different page types, such as those for celebrities, politicians, journalists and of course, brands. Moreover, verified profiles and pages will appear on top of search results:

Officilly there isn;t a way to ask Facebook to verify a page or a profile (no contact form, no application form, no one to contact, …). Also it seems that although there already are many verified profiles and pages, they seem to be exclusively located in the US for now…

For example, many popular brands in Europe are still not verified by Facebook:

This new feature is of course a great asset for Facebook to reinforce user engagement. If information is now verified, celebrities identified officially and brands are checked, user will be more likely to interact with those. For brands this of of course a good way to avoid fake pages taking over their official channel ;)


[READER] Have you come across verified pages or account? If so, please do copy the links in the comment, thank you!


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