Facebook Launches ‘Did You Know’ Feature As TBH’s Popularity Tanks

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Facebook has a new feature… Did you know about it? Ιt’s called “Did You Know,” and it asks you questions about yourself. But what is it really all about?

In October Facebook bought TBH, one of the most popular apps on the Apple app store at the time. Used mainly by teenagers to give each other anonymous light positive feedback, by answering questions like “Who has the best smile?” TBH is a symbol of what Facebook wants more of. More positivity, more younger users, and more information about its users.

“Did You Know” can be found if you go to the questions section of your Facebook profile – the part that lists your interests. Alternatively just click on the “Answer a Question” button in a status update editor. If you don’t like a question, simply go to another. Post the answer. That’s it.

The answers then appear in posts (with a coloured background) so people know your answer. You can, of course, choose not to share your answers though – simply mark your privacy to “only me.”

The questions are fun and light, and at times rather silly. When answered though, they provide a lot of information about someone. So, apart from being a great way to help you get to know others better, or to help others get to know you better, they are also a way to give Facebook more information about you. We just don’t know yet what Facebook’s ulterior motive is. We may never know.

Either way, it’s a feature that will be popular among younger users, mainly.

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