Facebook Is Working On Personalised Emoji

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During the past days, various reports surfaced claiming that Facebook wants to offer allow its users to create their own personalised emoji. Yes, in fact Facebook submitted a patent to do just that.

The same sources claim that Facebook has already patented a method that lets users create their own emoji, featuring their own images, using the platform’s proprietary technology. Although it is unknown when this technology will become available to everyone, it is believed that it will function by identifying an image of the user that resembles a selected emoji.

For instance, when a user types the text outline of a smiley emoji, Facebook will be able to retrieve an image of the user smiling and replace the text with the latter.

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It is safe to assume that Facebook will possibly use facial recognition technology to identify expressions and people to match them with the emojis. Although there are legal issues with facial recognition, it is believed that Facebook may use tagged images of the users to make its technology available in places where this is an issue.

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