Facebook Is Already Testing Reactions On Page Posts

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Remember Facebook Reactions? The answer from Facebook to numerous users who were asking for a Dislike button. Well, Facebook Reactions are already being tested in a few countries, and now you can track them within your Page’s Insights section.

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Facebook Reactions are not available to everyone just yet. In fact, they are only available in a few countries. But, they already have their place in your analytics dashboard.

We’re running a test allowing people to like, love, laugh and have other reactions to Page posts. This test will only happen in a few countries. If someone reacts, you’ll see it in your page insights.

If you visit your Insights, on your Page, and check the “Engagement” section, you will notice that Facebook doesn’t refer to “Likes, Comment and Shares” anymore. “Likes” have been replaced by “Reactions” and there is now a dedicated chart that will give you the detail of which “Reaction” has been used on your Page.


Ok, we’ll admit to not being very popular in the countries Facebook has chosen for the test. Or maybe it means that Reactions are just aren’t being used by many users in those countries yet… Who knows?

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The chart is there, and although “Likes” still account for 100% of the “Reactions” we received on our page this past week, you can clearly see that “Love, Wow, Haha, Yay, Sad and Angry” are in the new bar chart.

Have you got access to Facebook “Reactions” in your country? Take a screenshot of one of our posts, and share it with us in the comments section below. Thanks!

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