Facebook Finally Starts Testing 4K Video Uploads

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It took a while, but Facebook finally seems to be jumping on the 4K bandwagon with a series of recent tests allowing 4K video uploads.

You can forgive Facebook for being late to the 4K video party. After all, it started offering video long after its big rival – YouTube. In terms of 4K, Facebook has been especially slow though, starting to test the format 7 years later than YouTube.

The Google-owned video platform rolled out 4K video further in 2014 and 2015 and even added 4K live-streaming last year. Either way, it seems that proper 4K is finally coming to the social network.

As a reminder, Facebook’s Live 360 4K support isn’t “real 4K.”

Facebook confirmed to TechCrunch recently that it has been testing 4K uploads and video viewing, even allowing some pages and profiles to upload and access the format in the 2160p UHD-1 Ultra-High-Definition Television standard.

Judging that Facebook recently launched its Watch tab, 4K video comes at a very opportune time for the platform, as it is set to improve the experience for users significantly. It also goes hand in hand with Facebook’s recent turn to long form video content, that may soon put in in direct competition with streaming sites like Netflix.

Up until now, what Facebook has been offering might be ok for most users, but if it wants to up its game it will need 4K to make things happen. You can check whether 4K is available to you on Facebook by clicking the gear on any Facebook video and seeing whether you can switch 2160p.

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