Facebook Finally Lets You Skip ‘Memories’

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Facebook was created to share our life stories with our friends. As a result, we upload hundreds of photos or status updates in which our friends (girlfriends and boyfriends included) are tagged, we mention people, we check-in at places…. you get the idea.

And then on one fine day, it hits you: Facebook “on this day” brings back all those memories. I mean it’s often fun, usually not very interesting, but it is also painful sometimes. Well, guess what… you can finally choose which “memories” you don’t want to be reminded of.

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So you shared too much? Broke up with your boyfriend or girlfriend? Lost someone dear to you? There are many good reasons why you would NOT want Facebook to remind you of certain things. Starting now, you can decide to exclude those ‘Memories.’

If you like our stories, there is an easy way to stay updated:

If you visit your “on this day” page on Facebook, you will see a new “preferences” button in the top right corner. Clicking on it, will open a dialog box where you can add filters to exclude specific people or dates that you would rather not be reminded of.


To exclude someone from your ‘Memories’, simply start typing his/her name and then press “Save”. The same applies to dates: Select the timeframe for which you don’t want ‘Memories’ and click save.


You can add as many people and dates as you want in the filter. This way your “on this day” memories should become a nice surprise every morning.

But there again, you can also opt out from receiving them all together by turning off the notifications. Oh, and blocking and deleting people entirely from Facebook will also remove them from your ‘Memories.’

Let’s see how fun this post will look, a year from now.

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