Facebook Adds New Shopping and Services Section to Pages

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Facebook is about to make it much easier for brands to display their services and products on their Facebook Pages, especially on mobile. With two new sections that are being tested with a small group of Brand Pages – Shopping and Services – your Facebook Page will be more complete than ever.

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Currently being tested with a few businesses, the two sections will be available more widely within the next few weeks. With shopping – a feature that Facebook started testing earlier this year is a retailer’s dream. Now, companies will find it a lot easier to display their products on their Facebook Pages but also a step closer to allowing users to buy directly through Facebook itself. Services is a section for businesses that offer professional services. Any small businesses offering services, will now have the ability to showcase them more prominently and get more leads.

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But it doesn’t end there. Facebook is launching three brand new Call To Action¬†buttons – “Call Now”, “Send Message”, and “Contact Us” that will make it much easier for people to interact with Business Pages. Facebook recently unveiled the “Donate” CTA, and these are a continuation of this and the tendency to make CTA on Pages a lot more prominent, especially on mobile.


Facebook explained that,

“The new features for Pages reflect our belief that no matter if you’re a plumbing company, a flower shop, a non-profit or a brand, your Page should house the information people are looking for, help you communicate with your customers, and support your unique goals,”

The new sections and CTAs will continue to increase, in order to cater for a much wider group of businesses in the near future. There are currrently 45 million businesses out there with Facebook Pages. Facebook¬†simply wants to make it a lot easier for them to turn their presence on the platform into profit. Overall, it is part of Facebook‘s commitment to making the brand experience as seamless as possible for users, both on desktop and mobile – but also a lot more profitable for businesses themselves.

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