Facebook Adds Advanced Publishing Options For 360 Videos

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360 video is the new BIG thing on social media, and Facebook doesn’t want to be left behind. The platform did not manage to be the first to support 360 and it had let YouTube take the lead. Now, Facebook is fighting back, most notably with a set of new publishing features for creators.

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You may have already noticed the changes, as the features are already available to most users worldwide.

Now, when you upload your video to Facebook, click in the “Advanced” tab and let Facebook know you are uploading a 360 video. This will bring in a new tab called “360 controls.”

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In this tab, you will find several features and options that let you tweak your video to maximise engagement… for example:

  • Change the initial camera orientation for the video
  • Select the default field of view (zoom level)


The new tab will also display a live preview of your video that automatically updates when you change settings, so you can review it anytime before publishing it.

These new features are part of Facebook’s continuous effort to improve the publishing and overall experience of 360 video on the platform. More features will no doubt come soon, to give you all more options and control over your videos.

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The fun really starts now!


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