Cost-per-View Bidding Is Now Available To All Facebook Advertisers

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In June this year, Facebook started testing cost-per-view bidding at 10-second views for video ads. Today, the company is announcing that this bidding type is now available to everyone to use.

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All advertisers on Facebook now have the option of bidding on video ads on a cost-per-view basis, based on 10-second views.

In the announcement, Facebook said that it still suggests that advertisers use reach and frequency buying as well as oCPM (optimised cost per mille – or thousand) based on CPV (Cost per view) bidding. CPV bidding was added for advertisers who wanted to keep the “price certainty for video views or value video views as their primary performance metric.”

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Facebook also explained that for most “brand marketers”, buying reach and frequency with video views optimised bidding is the best option. They are the best way “to predict and control delivery”, which “enhances brand metrics and maximises ROI”.

For advertisers who look more at view duration, CPV is a good choice. However it does not have the control or predictability of reach and frequency.

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