Burger King Creates Messenger Chatbot To Take Orders

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Burger King has been leading some pretty impressive campaigns during the past few months so it’s no surprise that the brand would jump on the Messenger chatbot wagon ahead of many others so soon.

A new video demo that surfaced on the Digital Buzz Blog, shows that the restaurant chain is experimenting with a new campaign that will use Messenger chatbots at its core. The video demonstrates how this will work: The chatbot greets the visitor then proceeds to ask for his or her order.

Depending on the user’s answer the chatbot answers with a carousel message that shows the menu. Just before checking out, the chatbot asks the customer whether he or she would like to upgrade their choice to a “Meal” menu and then proceeds to confirm the order.

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And that’s where it gets really interesting. The chatbot asks the user to select his or her pickup location and to proceed to payment. Although the demo doesn’t show the fulfilment of the order, and we know for sure that Facebook hasn’t rolled out in-app payments yet so we’re left with two assumptions: Either the payment is completed using a third party application (or visit to a website), or Facebook is secretly testing mobile payments with selected partners. 

Cheers to that and bon appetite!

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