Burger King Argentina Slays Competition On Snapchat

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Snapchat may be unknown territory for many brands, but there are a few of them that not only know how to use the platform – but also take full advantage of its features, creating sensational campaigns.

The latest brand to conquer Snapchat is Burger King, with the help of David agency.  The brand, whose campaigns have been met with resounding success in the past, dropped its latest campaign on the platform and it was a triumph as well.

Tapping into its unique selling-point – flame-grilled patties – Burger King Argentina’s Snapchat account challenged users to send their snap of their regular, non Burger King burgers to the brand’s profile and tweak them, adding their signature grill marks on them.

For each snap received, Burger King handed out vouchers to free Whopper burgers. The campaign reached 4.1 million customers of other burger restaurants, while the coupons that were planned to last for 2 weeks, were all given out in the first 48 hours.

Check out the campaign’s case study.

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