Apple Music’s Chatbot Will Cater To Your Music Needs

by • October 10, 2017 • FacebookComments Off on Apple Music’s Chatbot Will Cater To Your Music Needs4071

Apple Music’s Messenger chatbot takes only takes a few interactions to come up with recommendations about what should be on your daily playlist. 

Apart from boosting Apple Music’s subscription service, Apple Music’s newly introduced service on Messenger also helps you surface material from artists you like, whether old or new.

Tapping on any of the results opens a pop up window, where users can find more information, and – if they’re subscribed to Apple Music – listen to the song. Everyone can get a 30-second free preview, and there is also a share button, in case you want to let your friends know what you’re listening to on Messenger. Apple’s new Messenger chatbot is the first of its kind to stream music directly into Messenger.

The bot can work on as little as an emoji, or at least that’s what it claims it can do – in theory. When I tried the service, I found that the spectrum of results was quite limited, returning only titles directly linked to the artist I enquired about. Also, interacting with it using only emoji, sent it into radio silence.

Well, at least Apple tried, right?

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