AirBnB Wants To Be The Only App For Your Travels

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It looks like Facebook example of incorporating all everyday functionalities into a single app, has found admirers. AirBnB, has just introduced a new functionality aimed at concentrating all of its users travel behaviours into its platform.

As per the reports currently available, AirBnB has launched a new feature, that allows users to make restaurant reservations, without having to leave the app. The step makes sense; apart from taking care of your accommodation arrangements, AirBnB wants to be your city guide, too.

For most travelers, finding a nice place to eat, preferably one with accolades, in an essential part of their trip. This new reservation system, is powered through Resy, a startup in which AirBnB invested in at the beginning of the year. It is also part of AirBnB’s broader initiative, called Trips, which liaises visitors with local people and organisation and provides immersion experiences.

It’s clear that the hospitality platform is steadily transforming into a full-service concierge service and its effects are already felt throughout traditional travel agents and hotels.

Booking restaurants through the app are currently available in 16 US cities including New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Charleston, Austin, Seattle, and New Orleans. Users can book a table straight without leaving app, as well as add requests for special occasions, such as birthdays and celebrations. Moreover, they can notify the restaurants should they run late.

It’s not yet defined whether this new option will be available to other countries outside the US, given that Resy specialises in this market. However, AirBnB’s global appeal brings it a step closer, so we wouldn’t be surprised if we saw this feature rolling out to other major cities in Europe, Asia or Africa.

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