Add Up To 5 Images And Links In A Single Facebook Ad

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Facebook ads are a great and efficient way to promote your content or website. But up to now, one ad meant one image and one link only. Hence, you add to set up different ads and allocate different budgets when you wanted to promote more than 1 image/link on Facebook.

Well, time to rejoice, because Facebook now lets you add up to 5 images and their respective links in one single ad! All you have to do is to use Power Editor (between you and me, you should always use Power Editor anyway.)

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How awesome is that? Think about it: it is now extremely easy to advertise 5 products from your e-commerce website into 1 single ad. Or 5 different car models, or 5 photos,  or anything else you would want basically.

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To create a multiple image ad, simply go onto Power Editor (remember Power Editor is only accessible on Google Chrome) and start creating an ad as you would normally do: create your campaign, ad set, and start setting up your ad. When you reach down to the “creating ad” section, you will see that you can choose to set up a “Multiple images and links in one ad.”


The default choice is set to 3 images and links but you can easily increase this to 5. Now for each image you add, you need to choose a destination URL, headline and an optional description. The text (that is the copy that goes on top of the images/links) will be common to all images/links.


This is quite an awesome feature for advertisers looking to achieve the best ROI from their Facebook ads. This way, you will offer a maximum of choices to your target audience and maximise the impact of your ad.

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Try them and let us know how it worked for you.

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