About us


Geoff Desreumaux, Villy Devlioti and George Carey-Simos, co-founders

We ❤️ Social Media

We are Social Media (WeRSM) offers all the latest news, tips, opinions, reviews and resources to help you take advantage of social media.

We cover all social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, as well as relevant lifestyle and tech content.

We are Social Media (WeRSM) is one of the largest independent websites dedicated to social media.

We are a group of passionate people working for social media to become even more exciting and empower people around the world to make the best out of social media in their everyday life. We ❤️ social media!

Our “A” Team


Geoff Desreumaux

Geoff is the founder of We are Social Media. he defines himself as a marketer 3.0, always on the edge of learning the latest trends and updates in the digital world. Geoff also leads the social media team for an Omnicom Agency and he is currently based in Miami, Florida.

Geoff studied Business Administration and Marketing for Small Businesses at the Newcastle Business School of the University of Northumbria, UK.

What makes him Cheerful: social media, his iPhone, music, sports, pets and creativity

Villy Devlioti


Villy is a Creative Digital & Social Strategist. She defines herself as an infinite pool of useless information, varying from astrophysics and biogenetics to modern art and football tactics. She works in the agency world as a Creative Strategist.

Villy studied Computer Engineering.

What makes her Cheerful: food, music, meeting friends, photography

George Carey Simos


George is a Media Communications professional, digital enthusiast, and Co-founder & Chief Instigator at Gadgetografo.gr – a product-centric blog about gadgets, apps, and technology crowdfunding projects. George works as a Digital Communication consultant.

George studied International Relations at Aberystwyth University and also holds an MA in Transnational Comms & Global Media from the University of London.

What makes him Cheerful: photography, travelling, and all kinds of gadgets