9 Years Of Twitter In One Timeline [infographic]

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It has already been 9 years. Yes, Twitter – or should we say twttr – came to life on March 21st 2006, when founder Jack Dorsey (@jack) posted for the first time on the platform:

It’s been an impressive ride since then, full of fast growth, new features, an IPO and a lot of opportunities and acquisitions.

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To celebrate the 9th birthday of Twitter, Marin Social, created an awesome timeline/infographic to remind us of the important dates that made Twitter‘s history.

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Key Points To Take Away

  • – Earnest Sewn was the first brand was the first brand to join Twitter
  • – The #hashtag was introduced in August 2007 after a suggestion from Chris Messina (not 2006, like stated in the infographic – Thanks Chris for pointing out the mistake.)
  • – In November 2008, the 1 billionth tweet is posted, just 33 months after its was launched.
  • – On April 2010, Twitter launched its advertising platform
  • – Twitter acquired Vine, the 6 sec. looping video platform in January 2013
  • – November 2013: Twitter becomes a listed company and became profitable just 3 months later
  • – In 2014, ad sales grew by 97%, offering great prospects for Twitter.

The rest is up to us, the advertisers and users. So, before going through the infographic, let me ask you this: Do you remember when you joined Twitter?

(click on the infographic for a larger view)


Happy Birthday Twitter!

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