4 Ways to Destroy Your Image on Social Media

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Is it just me, or are you also noticing a rise in social media-related gaffes that land people in jail, divorce, unemployment, or worse? Is this some new “self-harm trend”? I admit, that I just don’t “get it”… However, it seems some people have been getting very good at it; so here are four ways in which you can do the same. Good luck!

1. Post inappropriate images of yourself online.

Yes! That’s right! That picture of you half-naked, looking seductively into the camera… Duckface or not, that’s the kind of thing you would expect from a professional model, a call-girl, or a stripper – but definitely NOT from a high-powered executive. So, if you want people to think less of you as a professional, share the image with the world. Remember to change your privacy settings. Everyone would love to see it! Images displaying drunkeness, rude or lewd behavior, racist or illegal activity are also perfect for this purpose, and will definitely “spice things up” for you online, offline, or both. Oh, and let’s not forge tweeting pictures of your privates… priceless!

2. Be a nasty troll / Post sarcastic posts about others / Pick fights online

You don’t like someone? Write about them and “destroy” them! Even better… use their name so that others know exactly who you are talking about. If you don’t want to talk about someone, just pick a sensitive topic and take a controversial stand. If things escalate (which I assure you they will), continue feeding the fire with more and more disgusting stupidity. Even better – use expletives. Lots of them. Oh, and racial or sexist slurs. You will come off as a really horrible, insensitive human being, and will become very unpopular quite soon.

3. Hang out your dirty laundry

Make sure you post your personal affairs online. Use a status update to shame your boss, your ex, your company. Talk about your messy break up, and ask everyone for their advice. Have a very public psychological meltdown by ranting incoherent things at any time of the day (best effect is achieved after 2 am), or make sure everyone knows about your latest STD. Generally, make a fool out of yourself an broadcast your personal life. Ever heard of “Too Much Information”? That’s the way to go my friend. You will definitely be the “talk of the town”.

4. Use people

Are you selling something? Do you have a Facebook Page for something that you are promoting? Do you run events? Ask everyone you know to like it, and keep shoving it down their throats. While you’re at it, threaten to “unfriend” people who don’t turn up to your event,  and get really pushy with those who won’t “support you” by liking or sharing your content. Then, laugh in the face of karma and never return the favor. Who believes in that sh*t anyway?


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