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Ever stumbled across something cool and not been sure whether to either, record what’s actually going on, or to film yourself whilst watching what’s going on, while it’s going on?

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Let’s say you’re at a concert and yep, it’s that time of the night where Beyoncé has climbed on top of the piano and you want to share that with the world, obviously. But then how will anyone see how hard your fan-girling (or boying) or even know that you were actually there?!

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Well with the social video app Zylo, we no longer have to choose how we share our perspective. It allows you to use the front and back camera to make a single post and shows both perspectives on playback simultaneously. It’s a pretty cool idea and just in case you’re not a raving Beyonce fan there are plenty of occasions were the app comes in handy – commentating at sporting events to front row seats on a roller coaster, Zylo‘s pretty cool.

wersm zylo app review

The app makes it simple for you to share your posts to Facebook and Twitter as well as sending it directly to someone in your contact list. The real winner for me is how visually pleasing your content looks in the app – while the video is playing you see the opposite perspective through a ‘small window’ and you flip the view by pressing anywhere on the screen.

It’s still early doors but judging from the content on the app it seems that users are adopting it as a video social diary, which works well with the ability to follow people on the app and build a community.

It’s currently exclusive to iOS, however we expect an android version to be released soon, alongside new features to improve the user experience.


You can download it here for free:


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