YouTube Updates View Counter and Bids Farewell to 301+ Views

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If you’re a creator of YouTube videos and are accustomed to using the video platform, you will know about the “legend of 301+” – where the view counter on videos gets stuck on 301+ views instead of giving a more up-to-date figure. This, has of course annoyed many people over the years and now YouTube has finally decided to make it go away.

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In its bid to filter out fake views from the view counter, YouTube stops the counter at 301, which makes the counter less accurate in counting views while it’s stuck at 301 views. Views from robots are indeed a problem, but filtering them shouldn’t be impacting the genuine video views.

The company has now announced that it would continue to filter out views that it suspects are from bots, while continuing to update the view counter.

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As the suspicious views are analysed afterwards, they are either added in real-time to the counter, or not at all. This will help give video producers a better idea of the early success of their videos, rather than suspending them in 301+ limbo.

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