YouTube Starts Displaying Vertical Videos (Correctly)

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Oh, the dreadful vertical videos. The ones shot in such way that make any video look like it’s been framed among big black blocks. At some point, we all pleaded guilty to this crime of poor cinematography, however, YouTube is here to change it, once and for all.

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The new YouTube app promises to leave vertical videos in the past. The update is available on the new Android version and displays vertical videos (or portrait videos) in their full glory. Hopefully, this update will be available on iOS devices soon.

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The main problem with vertical videos is that they show viewable footage only in a limited area of the screen. The solution to this problem was long overdue, as YouTube has done everything to improve viewing experience (see 4K resolution and 360 videos), however it has left this issue unaddressed.

With the new app, users will get to see vertical videos in portrait mode, without the annoying black blocks.


A small step for humanity, a giant leap for video. Thank you YouTube!

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