YouTube Is Getting A Brand New Design Including A “Dark Mode”

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Recently we reported that YouTube has a secret dark mode. But that’s not all… YouTube seems to have an entirely new design in the works. 

The new design is described in a blog post by product manager Brian Marquardt, explaining that the company has applied Google’s Material Design “to deliver a beautiful, delightful and intuitive user experience” that follows three main principles

Simplicity: The only thing you should be concerned about is watching the content you love. The new design is clean and fresh, thanks to the removal of visuals that can distract from your browsing or watching experience. We’re focused on making the content shine.

Consistency: The new design is aligned across Google platforms, including the YouTube mobile application, while still providing the features you know and love.

Beauty: We strive to combine beauty and purpose to create an effortless experience.

The new design currently being previewed also includes the Dark Theme we mentioned in another recent post. It cuts down on the glare you might experience, and allows you to view videos in their true colours.  If you want to get a good look at the new design, all you have to do is go to youtube.com/new. If you want to go back to the YouTube you have been accustomed to, just click “Restore Classic YouTube” on your Account Menu.

The new YouTube has been built on a new framework called Polymer, which is faster. This framework originally included the dark theme we mentioned in another post recently. And if you think this is the end of new features, think again. Marquardt says that “you can look forward to more powerful new features coming soon.”

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