YouTube Gives You A Reason NOT To Press The ‘Skip’ Button

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The countdown till the ‘Skip Ad’ button appears on YouTube may be the longest one we have ever experienced in our lives. Those 5 seconds of disruption ruin our playlists – don’t you agree? Well, YouTube surely knows this and has decided to spice these 5 seconds up.

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How? YouTube will allow advertisers to add more information on their TrueView ads – such as layers with text on top of the video. We’re pretty sure that this change will make lots of advertisers happy, as they will be able to push more information on the same timeframe.

Given that YouTube is replacing its old annotation feature with new, rich cards, this option seems to be really attractive for advertisers. The only question here is whether this move will affect the way the video network charges for views or if it will introduce some sort of charge for every click on a card. Which means only one thing; More cash flow!


Until now, YouTube charged advertisers only when users did not hit the ‘Skip’ button or managed to watch over 30 seconds of the ad. Which is pretty difficult given that only a handful of ads are extremely interesting to watch them for that long, or are too concise to give all information in, like, 3 seconds.

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