YouTube Ditches Google+ Commenting Just Days After it Was Introduced

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YouTrolls rejoice!

Apparently, YouTube took Bob and his army seriously and has already ditched the Google+ commenting system.

youtube comments bob

I mean come on, Bob even had YouTube’s co-founder on his side:


According to Google, the redesigned comments were supposed to make conversations more “meaningful” but instead it pretty much caused this among the community – WARNING – It’s a bit… violent! (NSFW if you’re using speakers):

You can relax now people, we’re back to the good old comment system that is perfect for trolling, flaming and you know, generally having a seamless interwebs experience.

If you still see the G+ commenting system, we want to hear from you!


[UPDATE] G+ comments are not completely gone, however replies are back, and if you use YouTube as an alias and NOT through your actual Google+ profile, you can post by that alias. Just uncheck “Also share on Google+”.


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